This project started during my Volunteering position working for VNSNY making handmade greeting cards for those in Hospice care during 2021. As Covid-19 cases grew in NYC those in Hospice care had little access to one on one volunteering time so sending greeting cards gave them a little bit of the outside world. I made a collection of abstract cards with bright colored card-stock and a small greeting inside for the Hospice patients. This is where the shapes and the format for the spread came from. I enjoy exploring outside of sketching and writing. Playing with different materials allows me to solve different visual problems, like how to achieve balance with mainly color and shape? When I made these combinations I was exploring, when I made the assets in Illustrator I started with what I saw and made a concept from the shapes. A small series was birthed. Some of the shapes reminded me of little people and others of large structures or trees.The illustrations are made simply because I wanted the focal point to be on how the shapes work together on the page layout - too complicated and it would have been overwhelming. The eye can bump from one block to the next examining the text in-between the blocks of bright color.

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