Floral Explosion! was part of a collaborative risograph zine entitled A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to an Exhibition… available to flip through here and more information on here. This spread is depicting a decorative floral explosion. An idea that sparked because of a previous doodle made in procreate.

Floral Explosion! was made using the symmetry tool in Procreate. Drawn originally in black and white and changed the color in Adobe Photoshop.

The risograph printing process requires the image to be in grey scale, as the color chosen appear in its value range. The drawing was started in grey scale. The colors where then changed in Adobe Photoshop.

This was the first iteration of Floral Explosion! Playing around with the symmetric drawing tool in Procreate and found a playfulness to the round floral elements that kept my eye bouncing around and around the drawing. The first iteration hurt my eyes a bit. The colors were toned down to a digestible color story in the second iteration.

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